ScrimCut Letter Openers were designed as functional high end corporate gifts. The Home & Office Openers were geared to be used by homemakers, office workers, seniors, and those with arthritis. They are fast and work effortlessly on all paper envelopes. Men and women in their 90’s have been heard to to say, “Finally, a letter opener that works.”

“I worked in various positions for the Federal Government for 30 years and as everyone knows the Federal Government generates a tremendous volume of mail. With the various types of letter openers on the market, my fellow employees, and I were constantly experiencing paper cuts, defacing the envelope contents, or having to completely destroy the envelope to get it open. Also employees with arthritis and other health issues had a very difficult and painful ordeal just opening mail. I decided that after I retired I would invent a letter opener that would solve all of the above problems, and could be a decorative and custom addition to the desk of any executive or worker. I hired a team of designers and engineers to design what we feel is the best letter opener in the world.”

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